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Sudoku Companion
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Why do people love Sudokus so much? Well? it is not just fun, it is enriching! Did you know that no other puzzle has ever been considered for a good prevention of illnesses such as depression, blood pressure and Alzheimer? Even if it wasn´t the case, Sudoku is a fun sport to simply indulge in it, do you agree? Sudoku is really a healthy addiction! In fact, British airlines forbid their stewardesses to solve Sudoku during take-offs or landing. As far as researches have shown thus far, Sudoku increases our focus and capability to problem solve. Makes sense right? In a world of mobile games, some healthy paper games would reignite your creativity and imagination. Even without all the many benefits that Sudoku provides, it is still a fun game that anyone can play just because? why not?! About Strictly Fun Zone & Tyson Laughlin Strictly Fun Zone was formed in 2019, in a world where uncertainty, stress and depression is becoming more and more prevalent. It´s mission is to spread the joy and happiness of traditional games like Sudokus, word search, crossword puzzles amongst many others to help people regain their inner child and happiness. In fact, did you know that happy people are more productive at work? Try it for yourself! Grab a copy today from a myraid of activity books in our catalogues!

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